Since the day of foundation of Bereketnur Packaging’s purpose is; to provide customers’ satisfaction through quality products, by the social policy development to increase the satisfaction of stakeholders and to support the people who need support.

To be sensitive about the clean environment provides the corporate sustainability. Thats why, we have zero waste policy and direct our waste to firms that can recycle. We proudly say that, we never pollute the environment during production.

Bereketnur Packaging, which is located in İstanbul / Turkey, is a professional manufacturer of offset box and corrugated box. We are a well known manufacturing brand in Turkey by following our core principles of achieving quality in production and by providing punctual and exact delivery of products.

Packing is the suit of the product and it is very important to represent the product to the target group; otherwise, the target group may not give to preference to choose the product.packing, is a one of the most important marketing tool. We have packaging consultancy service for the customers to provide the best marketing tool.

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Product and service quality constantly improving our customers’ demands and meet their expectations at the highest level, Strong communication with our customers to create an emotional bond between us and ensure customer loyalty, winning new customers to be the most preferred packaging company, to increase our competitiveness and profitability.
Our company is the national / constantly improving their methods in our own expertise in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the international market, which pioneered the industry to be trusted and respected institution in Turkey